April 11, 2017
January 7, 2017


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Murali Coryell’s unique story started growing even before he was born. He was held as a baby by Hendrix, lived as a child with Santana, had family dinners with Miles Davis, opened shows for B.B. King and played with Buddy Guy. He is the son of the “Godfather of Fusion”, Legendary Jazz-Rock Pioneer, Larry Coryell.

Jimmy Webb, Judy Collins, Bill Evans, Joe Louis Walker and everyone familiar with Murali Coryell have praised his talents. Acclaimed by Billboard, CNN, Rolling Stone and The New York Times, Singer/Guitarist/Vocalist/Composer Murali Coryell is a rising force in Contemporary American Music and a torchbearer and heir to THE CORYELL LEGACY.

Murali’s latest show, THE CORYELL LEGACY is a celebration of his father’s life, music and influences. The show is a joyful presentation of the music and reminiscences of Larry Coryell, seen through the eyes of his son, protege and collaborator, Murali.

And yes… is his birthright, there’s lots of amazing guitar playing to bring it all home!

Selected Discography:
1) Eyes Wide Open-1995 Big Mo Records
2) 2120-1999 CZYZ Records
3) The Coryells-2000 Chesky Records
3) Strong As I Need To Be-2003 Murali’s Music Records
4) The Same Damn Thing-2008 Murali’s Music Records
5) Sugar Lips-2009 Shake-It-Sugar Records
6) Live-2012 Shake-It-Sugar Records
7) Restless Mind-2014 Shake-It-Sugar Records
8) Mr. Senator-2016 Shake-It-Sugar Records

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