Nikki Torres Rhythm Machine Band - A tribute to Gloria Estefan

A Tribute to Gloria Estefan

From a small hallway behind a door marked #7 emerges congas, timbale and bongos with rhythms that invade the soul and make your body shake like a quarter mile dragster... Nikki Torres and Bill Ciaramelli are the culprits. The power-duo of singer and drummer/musical director are tightening up their last project consisting of some of the most highly regarded musicians in New York. Nikki Torres and the Rhythm Machine are playing tribute to Ms. Gloria Estefan, her long time collaborators and husband Emilio. This husband and wife team Nikki and Bill were introduced through the business and the music that they love.

With hours of rehearsal and miles of touring and venues from New York to California, it was meant to be. As they joined their passion and their lives, they combined their many years of experience to develop a extraordinary musical homage to the song stress, the people and the 7 Grammy award winning music that keeps us all wanting more.

Ms. Nikki Torres has sang background and toured the world with many major artists. Covering some of her Latin hits such as "Oye Mi Cantro" to her #1 ballad "Anything for You", this show is a must see!

With an anxious group of talented musicians, they are ready to play and ready to bring a new level of excitement to any stage, any arena or any audience that doesn't just want to sit, but wants to stand, sing and get involved. Join us, get involved - "GET ON YOUR FEET!"