Jay Stollman

Musician and producer, Jay Stollman is an essential character on the East Coast music scene. He is a standout vocalist with a "fire and brimstone... take no prisoners" approach. Stollman performs in a broad range of styles, switching effortlessly between Blues Rock and Blue Eyed Soul. He's carved out a niche, not only as a gifted vocalist, but also as a dynamic entertainer and bandleader.

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Trudy Lynn: International Blues Vocalist

Trudy Lynn was born Lee Audrey Nelms in the Fifth Ward, Houston Texas. In addition to her parents' 78s, she had a lot of casual contact with blues and R&B performers because her mother ran a beauty shop by the Club Matinee. Lynn would walk there from school trying to catch a glimpse of acts like Joe Hinton or Bobby "Blue" Bland, who would play the venue. She wasn't able to get closer to the music than the club's door. "There wasn't any going in there," she says. "The way we were raised, everybody could whup your butt in the neighborhood. The neighborhood raised all the children where I grew up, not just your parents." Lynn's parents didn't push music on her, nor were they discouraging. She sang in a vocal ensemble at Wheatley High School.

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